Tax Tips

Advantages of keeping your receipts

The obvious answer is because you can claim all your deductible expenses if you have kept your receipts. But why so many clients often say i cannot remember the $$$ or i don’t know when i purchased it. With so many cool apps on your mobile devices, this is now the easiest way to keep your receipts for work deductions. Let me show you how.

Tips for Keeping your receipts

Every time you purchase something for a work related expense, take a picture, and ask yourself:

Q: How do i save it?

A: Keep a folder called “Tax” and save all your pictures or pdf files for tax time.

Q: How about if i loose my mobile device?
A: Send it to yourself via email every time. Or even better send it to your accountant directly for tax time.

Famous quotes about taxes

In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes
-Benjamin Franklin

Ask Your Accountant

I am often surprise when clients do not ask precious questions to their accountant to find out what expenses they can claim, missing out in hundreds of $$$ in potential tax deductions.

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